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I have one time when tried to install wine in Ubuntu 13.04, I had added a repository to my sources, but when I type apt-get install wine I got the error :. Reading package lists... Done E: Unable to locate package wine I have deleted the repositories, but still I get this error A: The issue may be that when you add a repository to your apt-get, it does not always mark that as "non-stable" or "unsupported" to avoid pulling down older version packages or bugs. Try again, but this time change that repository's status to "Supported" or "Stable" to make sure that it is officially supported. 1. Field of the Invention The invention relates to an electrically conductive cylindrical contact element which can be inserted into an electrically insulating housing part of an electric machine to make electric contact with conductive parts or with an electrically conductive winding coil inside the housing part. 2. Description of the Related Art The invention is suitable for a great number of different applications in which it is necessary to make contact to electric machines having an electrically insulating housing. The invention is especially useful for those applications in which it is necessary to make contact to a winding coil inside the housing.The presence of a functional hemopexin gene in the human and mouse genomes. The presence of a hemopexin gene and its high similarity with the mouse hemopexin gene has been recently reported. The presence of this gene in the human genome is analysed here. Comparison of the open reading frame of human hemopexin and mouse hemopexin shows a high degree of identity. The hemopexin gene in humans shows no introns, while the mouse hemopexin gene has six exons and a 5' untranslated region containing a possible transcriptional start site and a promoter. Interestingly, the 5' untranslated region of human hemopexin gene is similar to the one of the mouse hemopexin gene. As the translation of mouse hemopexin gene is controlled by alternative splicing, this analysis suggests the presence of an intron in the human hemopexin gene. Furthermore, the existence of a full-length sequence of the human hemopexin gene was demonstrated by the isolation of a cDNA coding for the human hemopexin protein. The genomic organization of the hemopexin gene in




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El Indomable Will Hunting HDRip[spanish]

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